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Yoga for the Senses

Open the senses to the practice with the use of essential oils, open the mind through mindfulness practice, and the heart through a sequence involving backbends and hip-openers. An essential oils expert will be on hand to explain the oils that will be used during the practice and answer questions, as well as helping to integrate the oils during practice. Join Candace for a full body awareness practice -- yoga for the senses. Yoga for mind, body, and heart. Please bring a yoga mat and water bottle.


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prenatal yogahour

Sundays (ongoing)

A slower-paced version of yogahour, including prenatal modifications. This class is safe and supportive for pregant mamas, without lacking the physical fitness aspect of practice. All levels welcome. 

$60 (+tax) for 6 classes

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Winter Schedule


10:30 AM    prenatal yogahour  $60 for 6 classes  1hr
11:00 AM    basics  $12  1 hr
12:15 PM    yogahour  $7  1 hr
7:00 PM    yogahour  $7  1 hr


12:00 PM    yogahour  $7  1 hr
6:00 PM    vinyasa  $12  1 hr
6:30 PM    basics  $12  1 hr
7:15 PM    yogahour  $7  1 hr


6:15 AM    yogahour  $7  1 hr
12:00 PM    yogahour  $7  1 hr
6:00 PM    expanding  $12  1 hr 15 min
6:30 PM    yogahour  $7  1 hr
7:30 PM    basics  $12  1 hr
7:45 PM    yogahour  $7  1 hr


9:00 AM    yogahour  $7  1 hour
12:00 PM    yogive!  $7  1 hr
6:00 PM    vinyasa  $12  1 hr
6:30 PM    basics  $12  1 hr
7:30 PM    yogahour  $7  1 hr


6:15 AM    yogahour  $7  1 hr
12:00 PM    yogahour  $7  1 hr
6:00 PM    expanding  $12  1 hr 15 min
6:30 PM    yogahour  $7  1 hr
7:30 PM    basics  $12  1 hr
7:45 PM    restorative  $12  1 hr


9:00 AM    yogahour  $7  1 hr
12:00 PM    yogahour  $7  1hr
5:30 PM    yogahour  $7  1 hr
6:45 PM    slowflow  $12  1 hr


8:15 AM    basics  $12  1 hr
9:30 AM    big yogi, little yogi  $12  45 min
10:30 AM    yogahour  $7  1 hr
4:30 PM    yogahour  $7  1 hr
  • We don't accept reservations. Please drop into the class of your choice, 10-15 minutes before the class begins. Classes start on time!
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An hour of play and power; a fun, rockin' flow class with music and expert instruction. All levels welcome.

In this yogahour-style class, the instructor practices along-side the group. 50% of the proceeds from this class will go directly to the Boys and Girls Club of St. Louis.

A slower-paced version of yogahour, including prenatal modifications. This class is safe and supportive for pregant mamas, without lacking the physical fitness aspect of practice. All levels welcome.

An ongoing exploration into the art and science of yoga. Provides a highly attentive and supportive environment. Perfect for first-timers and ongoing students looking to refine.

Knowledge and experience gained in basics is explored in a wider variety of postures. Will likely include inversions. Best for experienced students.

Alignment-based vinyasa, open to all levels. Variations will be offered for all; beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. Come ready to work and play hard!

This class focuses on one inversion per class (handstand, forearm balance, headstand or shoulderstand). Learn the ins and outs of these poses, one class at a time. Best for students who can hold down dog with ease.

Be prepared to move slowly with your breath in this mellow vinyasa flow class. All levels welcome.

Relax. Renew. Restore. Take a break in your week with this rejuvenating practice.

This yoga class will keep you and your little one moving together! Yoga postures are taught in con junction with songs, games, and the use of literature. Ages 2-6.

Drop-in Prices*

  • yogaHOUR and yogive! $7
  • prenatal yogahour $60 for 6 classes
  • all other classes are $12
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  • unlimited membership $120 + tax/month
    (auto charge to credit card on file)
  • unlimited membership $1,350 + tax/year
    (paid in full)
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Winter schedule starts Jan 1.  Look for new classes and teachers soon to come!

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Brigette's Blog – About life, love, & practice

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Voted "Best Yoga Studio in St. Louis" by Riverfront Times in 2008!

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Alexis Finley

Alexis has been practicing yoga since 2005 and is a student of Darren Rhodes & Christina Sell. His classes focus on detailed alignment instruction and weave in his interests of pranayama, meditation and philosophy. In addition to his yoga studies, Alexis is a passionate rock climber and an AMGA Certified Rock Guide.

Brigette (Niedringhaus) Finley

Brigette is a mama and backbend lover. She is passionate about family, healthy food, fashion and dark beer. She co-founded Southtown Yoga in St. Louis, MO in 2007. Brigette is the Director of yogaHOUR, teaches trainings nationwide and holds her E-RYT® 500 with Yoga Alliance.

Bridget Melloy

Bridget started practicing yoga in 2007 after graduating from college. Her first yoga class was at Southtown Yoga, where she immediately fell in love with the practice and the community. Bridget completed her teacher training certification with Mitchel Bleier and Brigette Finley in 2012. Her classes combine vinyasa, alignment and an attitude that anyone can feel comfortable on their mat with a little hard work and humor.

Candace Glass

Candace was introduced to yoga in 2003. As an elementary school teacher and mother, she realized how the brain-body connection could empower children's capacity to learn. Candace also realized the importance of the alignment principles of yoga. Fulfilling her life long dream, She completed her 200-hour teacher training with Mitchel Bleier and Brigette Finley. A city resident, Candace loves walking her dogs at Tower Grove Park. With firm beliefs that each day is a gift to be grateful for, Candace is excited and humbled to begin the next part of her journey – teaching yoga at STY.

Chelsea Bodamer

In 2010, Chelsea began practicing yoga at a hot studio in Pittsburgh. Through practice, she immediately began to discover truths about herself that proved invaluable to her everyday life. After a series of events landed her in St. Louis in 2011, she found herself at Southtown Yoga and never looked back. In 2014, she completed her 200-hour Yogahour® teacher training with Brigette Finley and Ellen Niedringhaus. She believes that alignment is paramount to practice, and instructs with that in mind. Overall, she aims to teach, practice, and play with curiosity and mindfulness. Off the mat, she finds joy in her rescue dog, music, and nature.

Connie Werner

Connie walked into a vinyasa yoga class several years ago and walked out passionate about yoga. Her passion grew from that of a dedicated student to a caring and compassionate teacher. In 2009, Connie completed her 200 hour teacher certification with Mitchel Bleier and Southtown's own, Brigette Finley. Every class carefully combines alignment, vinyasa and fun with an approachable "no worries" philosophy. Connie knows exactly how to help you rock what you've got.

Courtney Meyer

Courtney began her yoga practice in early 2010, after taking a class at Southown Yoga. She quickly gravitated toward the physical and mental challenges yoga offered. In 2012, Courtney completed her 200-hour teacher certification and in 2014 she became a certified yogahour teacher after completing training with Darren Rhodes and Brigette Finley.

Dana Read

Dana started practicing yoga in 2000. She has a down to earth style and hopes to create classes that are challenging and fun. She believes yoga should offer ways to recognize our true self, and our limitless potential both on and off the mat. Dana completed teacher training with Mitchel Bleier and Brigette Finley in 2010. Dana is deeply grateful to the community at Southtown Yoga for their support and encouragement, and for the teachers who have taught her to observe and trust herself.

Doug Munsch

Doug earned his RYT-200 and Yogahour certification at Southtown Yoga in 2014. Doug is always looking for new ways to challenge himself physically and yoga has provided him with a platform to do so. When not on his yoga mat, he can be found setting routes at the neighborhood climbing gym or on an outdoor adventure.

Erin Schulte

Erin has been an athlete her entire life. After completing a few marathons and triathlons, she stumbled upon yoga and decided to give it a try. She loves that it offers a different physical and mental challenge to her body than other activities. She strives to challenge her students to be well both physically and mentally. She firmly believes that we can take what we learn on the mat and live greater lives off the mat. Yoga has enhanced her life so much and she is inspired to share the practice with her students!

Glenna Bedoya

Glenna began her yoga practice in 1994. A teacher since 2011, her classes focus on alignment and breath for a powerfully grounded practice. Trained in Forrest and Anusara Yoga, Glenna assisted Elena Brower's Advanced Teacher Training, and is now a certified yogahour teacher under the guidance of Darren Rhodes. She offers an empowering, aligned flow yoga that invites students to play intelligently at their edge to reconnect with their own inherent wisdom and power.

Kathryn Heitzenroeder

Kathryn has been practicing yoga for over twelve years. Eight years ago she received her teachers' training at the Solar Yoga Center in St. Louis. She also completed Southtown Yoga's 2009 teacher training with Mitchel Bleier and Brigette Finley. To continue her yoga education, Kathryn has a strong practice of her own, which includes yoga workshops, yoga camps and a daily yoga routine. She continues to learn and evolve from the support of her own teachers. Kathryn's classes include mediation, a detailed asana work out and a guided relaxation. Her teaching promotes a strong foundation of alignment focusing on the breath and movement. The classes are a combination of Hatha, Anusara and Vinyasas. Most classes are open level. Beginners are welcome.

Kiley Enno

Kiley came to Southtown Yoga after years of hassling from her mom. Despite her initial resistance, she was quickly consumed by the benefits and challenges that her practice and the community offered. She completed Southtown’s Teacher Training in 2012 and became yogahour certified in 2014.  She recognizes that her mom was right, and admittedly, now drives the yoga ‘bandwagon.’ She considers Southtown Yoga a second home.

Kristina Camba

Kristina found her yoga home at Southtown Yoga when she participated in the 2011 Yoga Bender. In 2014, she completed Southtown Yoga's 200-hour teacher training and is now a Certified Yogahour® Teacher. Kristina loves that yoga makes everyday better and often uses it as a tool to flip perspective. When she's not practicing, she enjoys running, cooking, and being a nurse. Expect a fun but challenging class from this playful and feisty teacher.

Roxanne Frank

Roxanne started her yoga practice with a DVD and a friend in her living room in 2006. In 2012 she moved to St. Louis and completed her 200-hour teacher certification with Mitchel Bleier and Brigette Finley. Through her practice and study, Roxie has discovered yoga's ability to transform perspectives, create friendships and open the door to many opportunities. She strives to bring what she discovers on the mat into the whole of her life.

Stephanie Perry-Bush

Stephanie began practicing yoga in 1995 and teaching in 2001. She has extensive experience practicing, studying, and teaching a range of different yoga methods. Stephanie is deeply inspired by the power of precise alignment to experience freedom in the body and clarity of mind. She is registered with Yoga Alliance at the RYT 500 level. Stephanie teaches from the heart and from years of dedicated and enthusiastic practice and study. Each class is a dynamic and methodical exploration to uncover that within each of us that is free within form.

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