Who Are The People of STY?


Hey there! I am so excited about this addition to STY’s website. One thing that I love about Southtown is our community of folks. Talking to people always excites me, I love learning and hearing about all the things people in our community do… for work or for fun. In the spirit of knowing folks, here is our first STY interview with one of our longest standing members – Sean Dickman. Special thanks to Alexandra Katsarelis (one of our fabulous interns) for conducting the...

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I recently went on a short “get out of the city trip”. I went to a cabin in the middle of Missouri that sets on a bluff overlooking the Gasconade River. There is no electricity, running water, or an indoor toilet (there is a privy outside). There is a huge porch with porch swing and a hammock, there are several oil lanterns, and there are lots of trees, birds, sky, critters, and quiet. I LOVE it! I went with my dogs for 2 nights, but I think that 3 nights or more would be best, here...

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