Who Are The People of STY?

April 17, 2017 - by Candace Glass

Hey there! I am so excited about this addition to STY’s website. One thing that I love about Southtown is our community of folks. Talking to people always excites me, I love learning and hearing about all the things people in our community do… for work or for fun. In the spirit of knowing folks, here is our first STY interview with one of our longest standing members – Sean Dickman. Special thanks to Alexandra Katsarelis (one of our fabulous interns) for conducting the interview. Thanks to Sean for agreeing to be our first community interview.

One thing not mentioned in the interview that I love about Sean – he is a great gardener and knows how to pickle stuff! I am excited to learn how to pickle this year from him.

 Happy Reading!

Peace and Blessings,


 What brought you to Southtown Yoga?

It was so long ago. I’d actually been thinking about yoga and [STY] opened and had free classes in the beginning and I was first attracted to knowing some of the teachers. At the time the kula was really good—the kula is the community, the heart, and I just fell right in and stuck with it all the way through, through moving, through new owners and instructors, and everything else.

Describe what your current yoga practice is like.

It’s three to four days a week here [at STY], as well as having friends who are involved in the community. It’s more than just the poses, the asana and all that; it’s actually [being] part of the community. I see and go out with friends here from the community probably a couple of times a month. So, [it’s a] strong practice physically as well as just being part of the community. 


What’s a yoga pose or practice that still challenges you?

Any cross-body twists. Any of them and all of them—from the simple arm across the leg to Warrior I, they’re all difficult… I’m working on it. 

Describe Southtown Yoga in three words.

“Needs more dogs” [laughs]. I love coming in and seeing the boys—or there’s a girl too, so I love seeing the dogs. When I think about what brings me here, it’s the quality. The quality of teachers, quality of the yoga here, of the experience. It’s a very, very beautiful building. So quality is a good word. Challenging—it’s definitely challenging yoga here. And supportive, because the community, the teachers, everybody involved is very supportive in your practice. 

What has yoga done for you as a person?

It’s really taken me to a place I’m very happy with—physically, I’m very happy there, but also stepping in every day to challenge [myself] and focus on mindfulness. [It helps with] getting through the slog—I don’t want to say slog, the ups and downs—of life, to have a practice to fall back on and to have been through all the physical challenges and mental challenges. Achieving what I have here has really helped in a lot of places in life. 

What do you like to do in your free time besides yoga? 

Travel. I travel quite a bit. I have a couple of big trips [planned for] this year, around the world. Food is a really big thing—I eat all sorts of stuff. Computer stuff—I’m a big, big nerd. That’s probably the big four for me right there [travel, food, computer, yoga]. 


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